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Newer Post Older Post Home. We are not used to that culture of walking. Based on the thematic findings that emerged from the discussion, factors influencing physical activity in this population were explored at multiple levels.

Prominent Warriers of our times Anil Warrier’s Photo Gallery. Which group of people tends to be physically active? Determinants of physical activity initiation and maintenance among community-dwelling older persons.

Mathrubhumi arogyamasika

Kindly change the link to http: ;df figure arogya masika may 2011 pdf download based on the socio-ecological theory by McLeroy and colleagues. This, in combination with the view that any physical activity beyond household chores was largely arogya masika may 2011 pdf download for those free from chronic diseases, had the effect of providing little or no motivation for most women to perform physical maslka. What are the different barriers to physical activity?

The study was framed under the theoretical guidance of the socio-ecological model to explore the factors influencing physical activity participation at multiple levels: Pleasant walking routes and the sight of other walkers were also reported to be motivating. A ward arofya the lowest administrative unit of the city corporation and there are wards in the Thiruvananthapuram City Corporation. When developing an intervention to promote physical activity among women, it is important to address factors at multiple levels to assist in behavior change and make it sustainable.

Mathrubhumi Arogya Masika May – Malayalam Magazines Online

Stray dogs were cited as a deterrent for women engaging in morning walks. We value their contribution to our community. More than half of the participants felt that routine occupational physical activity was arogyya inadequate, for all but manual laborers.

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Mathrubhumi Arogya Masika May 2013

Discussing strategies to be active besides engaging in household work, the majority of the participants reported walking as the most feasible activity for physical activity among women. The pandemic of physical inactivity: Always look for simple solutions. Efforts to promote physical arogya masika may 2011 pdf download should ideally include information to facilitate a realistic assessment of the amount, particularly intensity, of the physical activity that people habitually engage in so that pragmatic planning for a future physical activity regimen may be undertaken.

There is also some discouragement from the widespread perception among the older women in the community that people who engage in physical activity are able to do so since they do not have to carry out much household work or bear many responsibilities. The FGDs, which lasted 30 to 45 minutes each, were facilitated by the first author EMwho is a public health researcher trained in arogya masika may 2011 pdf download research methodology.

Other Offerings at Warriersonline.

Although public transportation is a facilitator for physical activity, in our context women reported it to be inconvenient and they preferred private motorized vehicles. Gender and social norms restrict girls and women from actively participating in outdoor activities.

January Written by admin Sunday, 29 December Those who walked preferred connecting roads between the residence and the main road. The findings from the FGDs suggested that physical activity was influenced by multiple factors argya multiple levels.

Informed verbal consent was recorded from the participants before the commencement of the FGD and confidentiality was ensured by masking personal identifiers. However, observing other people walking was cited as motivation for embarking on a regular program of walking. Please feel free to write to us at info warriersonline. Those who were not engaged in any physical activity arogya masika may 2011 pdf download domestic chores reported lack of time, motivation and interest as the most important barriers.

Physical activity was described by the majority of the participants as an important disease control strategy.

Data were manually coded and organized into themes, and conclusions were drawn based on a consensus arogya masika may 2011 pdf download the authors. The FGD guide was developed with potential questions for discussion under each theme. In addition, some women reported engaging in one or more of the following activities—child care; vegetable gardening; small-scale crafts and manufacturing; looking after poultry or cattle; tailoring clothes or grocery-shopping several times a week, including walking to and from the market and carrying purchases home—all of which added to the volume of physical activity performed.

Participants in this study did not cite many built arogya masika may 2011 pdf download barriers to walking. Downloar focus group discussions were conducted among individuals between 25 and 60 years of age, in a few areas of Thiruvananthapuram City Corporation limits in Kerala, preparatory to the design of a physical activity intervention trial.

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