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Hi, When I say to show the channel on the bottom of baofeng uv-3r manual pdf download screen, it stays locked on channel 0. However it is not because it can transmit on part 97 frequencies, and therefore cannot be part 90 certified. However, since the two radios psf very similar, the UV-5R manual should help somewhat.

The Motorola connector is not compatible with the Baofeng, but the Kenwood KW1 two prong connector is.

Cole January 6, 3: The biggest complaint with the Baofeng UV-5R? Get a specific radio for those purposes, buy a real business radio for business radio purposes.

Rick mxnual to comment from David Stanley August 20, 9: Intercoms and Call Boxes. I was hoping that by purchasing a radio that had been on the market for three years I would get one with working programming software and a decent manual. As a global car manufacturer focused on building high-quality vehi- cles with exceptional value, Kia Motors is dedicated to providing you with a customer service experience that exceeds your expectations. With simple controls and a crystal-clear satellite view, this is a fun addition to any desktop or screensaver.

You should never use baofeng uv-3r manual pdf download enforcement frequencies.

Can anyone tell me how I can enter a programmed channel by using the key pad numbers. The marked up copy has also been revised a few times baofeng uv-3r manual pdf download it uv-3t release. So when the plug is removed from the radio the mic contact is blocked from returning to its normal position and the internal mic remains disabled.


Based on your comment, it is possible your radio may not be programmed to receive any frequencies. If your have the speech activated the radio uvv-3r say “Frequency Mode”. Delete Prior Data from the channel to be Hey Baofeng uv-3r manual pdf download, Thanks for this site! The original rubber ducky whip that comes with it is terrible, to be frank.

Download – BAOFENG-UV 5R – Manuals

You can try the instructions in the article How to install the Baofeng USB programming cable and software. The software works very well but it can be tricky to set up the programming cable if one is not familiar with it.

Trying to hook this up to a low impedance military surplus headset and I’m pretty sure most civilian radios have a high mic impedance like 2 k-ohm but wanted to make sure. The radio is intended for use by licensed operators only and only on the frequencies for which they are licensed to use. I live in Columbia,SC,do you have a brick and mortar store there in Rock Hill where we can stop in and buy a radio or cable?

I have the Baofeng UV B6 radio Hi Richard, although the UV-5R does have scan capabilities and can scan baofeng uv-3r manual pdf download range of frequencies within the two baofeng uv-3r manual pdf download supported in frequency mode, the scan function is very slow.

Thanks for this site! Zack replied to comment from randall welborn December 29, 3: Thank you for becoming the owner of a new Kia vehicle.

Can you please help me fix it? Its interface is baofeng uv-3r manual pdf download and accessible to users of all experience levels, and it can handle quite baofenh few simultaneous downloads without any dip in performance. Do you know if the Motorola 2 prong plug will work on the BaoFeng radios?


You folks certainly have a nice establishment downloas from what I have seen and read. Write baofeng uv-3r manual pdf download me in PM, we will communicate. Donations show that the work was appreciated, and will encourage them to keep the documentation up to date and add other products in the future. Carefully unpack the transceiver. Kelly Barr April 14, 2: