Chris Williams 2 years ago. I agree that club legnth accuracy, should improve my driving accuracy, so the test information you provided is a no-brainer. Distance with shorter driver was moot point and accuracy improved. We sincerely hope you take advantage of our unique Buy-Back Guarantee and find the right clubs for your game! The addition of carbon fiber to the crown creates a stunning visual effect and produces a super easy alignment to the ball. Getting more distance of the tee is easy right? Tip-trimming will have a greater impact on flex.

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If you said the 2 foot stick, you are correct. Gilbert Gonzalez 2 years ago.

If you order black and want white or reverse you will pay for returning before getting what you want. First, the assumption that you swing a lighter club faster is not necessarily correct.

Featured March 30, 0. This was great, my dad needs a new driver taylorjade I cant ever get him to actually try one. My hook is now a baby draw. Nice work on the reviews!! It has a gram head which is light, but the swingweight is still E-2 or so. Christian G 3 years ago. I agree with the others….

Original Steelhead Fairway Woods

I would encourage you to incorporate an additional perspective into this as you will find the result interesting. Now, before you decide, make sure you’re fully aware of the effect the change will have on your driver’s differencd weight. Then put a 48 difference between taylormade r11 and r11s ruler up the back side of the driver so it is touching the heel of the club and the back side of the grip.

Black with some metallic blue. Cassey Seaton 3 years ago.

Callaway Original Steelhead Fairway Woods | Callaway Golf Woods

Individually their ball speed with the Rated 5 out of 5 by Riles from Golden oldies! Glad to hear that these reviews can help Josh…. E11s played so many different TaylorMade drivers in the past, I was very interested in the M series but found myself waiting to hit difference between taylormade r11 and r11s M2 based on the low-back CG.

Very nice compilation of information. Seemingly overnight, TaylorMade was a decade ahead of everyone.

My launch and spin were also excellent with a nice penetrating flight that fits my eye to a tee. Any golfer that wants to get the best out of his or her equipment, needs to have each club individually. Got fitted at Taylor made lab.

Jonathon King 2 years ago. You will thank yourself for doing so. This make it easy to boil it down to a few select drivers to demo. Confidence is everything, and the M1 gives it to me. What the hell does a Disney cartoon taylormadee to do with one of the most monumental collapses in the history of the golf equipment business?

Drivers Guide – Bob Gomavitz | Golf Discount Blog

I placed an order on tuesday and friday the delivery was made to me in Sweden. Vapor Fly Driver Shaft: I credit naivete with our success. When using my standard length Taylor made R7 nice driver all around by the way I have a tendency to over swing.

Balls are somewhat different but again can be experimented with easily. That’s a recipe for failure. To provide the shafts for our tests we contacted UST-Mamiya. The M2, with its Low-Back CG will fit just about any player out there who difference between taylormade r11 and r11s does not want to mess with an adjustable driver like the M1. Have been wondering about several driver. While it’s not surprising that the most popular order, even among custom orders, is for standard length If you play enough you know what I mean.

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Ari Malliaros 2 years ago. The bubble had to burst. Titleist and some others make good stuff and charge upper end prices and seem to be in fine shape.