Hello, am using a Transcend 8 gb pendrive. The full guide of Best USB flash drive repair software. Apacer AH – Tree Style. Sir i have a problem with my pen drive. USB Show can Recover your usb flash drive hidden files with usb show freeware. There days there are some drives in the market which have actual capacity much less than the capacity mentioned on them.

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Sin nombre August 8, at 9: Anonymous July 16, at 4: USBDeview make this test by writing a large file into the USB flash drive, and then reading back the same file to getting the read speed.

Silicon Power Recovery Tool.

I will be happy if you leave a comment with your opinion about this article “bad or good “. An error has occured.

The curiosity is that from windows explorer i can access the contents of the pen drive without any drlve. I have a transcend 8 GB pen drive. Factory Direct Super Talent.

The full guide of Best USB flash drive repair software – Flash Drive Repair

Also not coming up with any luck with any of the other tools. Please,kindly give your solution as soon as possible.

Unknown May 8, at 1: Over the past few months we have written about a lots of troubles of USB Pen drives and their solutions. You hp v210w 8gb pen drive put up something great here I was also one of the guys among you who used to throw pen drive once they become lifeless. Nano Pro Product Revision: Please, what is the solution for problem 7.

Generic USB keychain type disk, red. Sir please help Here is the Chip Genius Info: Can u help me on this? Recovery Media Product Revision: Thank you so much in advance. All About Fixing Computer Troubles. Im also having similar problem like on comment My friendthere is two chip vendor models so it must be one not two so please remove the cover of ur flash drive and hp v210w 8gb pen drive the words on the small chip to find u the right firmware.

Anonymous December 5, at 3: The disk is write protected. Anonymous April 13, at Let us summarize top 10 useful posts for your quick reference. I have some important files inside it. Hp v210w 8gb pen drive Power Recovery Tool of Innostor usb flash drive. And i closed the program. Alcor Micro Device Name: What can I do please. Read this article Best SD memory card format software.

Solutions to Top 10 USB Pen Drive Problems

The my computer window will just keep freezing up on me. Please, I formatted a LexisNexis thumb drive.

Then scan your pen drive with two or pwn anti virus to get rid of any virus left at all. Hi, i have a kingston 4 GB pen drive, which i bought recently. I have a 32 GB Kingston Pen drive.

It is detecting properly, and even I can format it properly. Thnx a lot guys. Even I try to format it but it is not possible.

The full guide of Best USB flash drive repair software

For example, your 8GB pen drive may actually be only 2 GB, rest all is fake space shown on it, which is why data beyond a specific size does not read. If format hp v210w 8gb pen drive i will lost my all important data. When i m trying to format the pendrive it formats. I download the version 1.

DeathTemplar1 October 7, at 3: While in properties it shows the used space as MB but files shown are only of about 4MB size. Flash JVJ R 2.