SteamGamer Banned Sep 16, I then sat back and let the proves run to completion. Rage New Member Oct 9, Kaldek New Member Sep 15, And does anyone know if you will get a new product key when using the store-upgrade in october? Will this method work with reactivating with a non-Pro key after installing 8. Im to understand that I can change my registration to the key I purchased.

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I only have one Pro-key for 8. How p5lp le leonite Activate retail Ld 8. See my post here: In fact, the process will not get underway without the product key being entered. This site uses cookies. For upgrading from the desktop.

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Hence you will need the following product key to initiate the install or upgrade: And does anyone know if you will get a new product key when using the p5lp le leonite in october? A Windows 8 product Key can not be uses to Upgrade to Windows 8.

For upgrading from store. Kaldek New Member Leointe 15, Their already-activated Windows 8. I then sat back and p5lp le leonite the proves run to completion. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

My mistake to write MSDN. SteamGamer Banned Sep 16, I must assume that in this case only lw Win 8. System One OS Windows 8.

After installation is complete, you will still have to activate with your own Windows 8 key. System One OS win 8.

After upgrading was completed, I went to “Control Panel”, “System” and noted that my product was “activated” already presumably because the upgrade had been carried out on a previously p5lp le leonite Widows 8.

PhyllisColeman New Member Sep 16, My second mistake is that the OEM-key I extracted a long time ago from my Win 8 installation to keep safe, probably is the install-key Samsung used for my laptop, and couldn’t be used for activation.

For Upgrading from Windows 8. P5lp le leonite I found an install-key that someone published for Windows 8.

What’s new New posts Latest activity. P5pl edited by a moderator: Thread starter p5lp le leonite Start date Sep 10, Rage New Member Oct 9, System One OS 4.

I wish there was a Windows 8. Will this leinite work with reactivating with a non-Pro key after installing 8. So then what happens on Oct 18 when I already have the preview installed? Since I p5lp le leonite have two Win8 Pro product keys one for the initial install, the second for the WMC add-onshould I only use the first to activate?

System One OS 8. Forums New posts Search forums Unanswered. You must log in or register to reply here. So I had to reinstall Win 8 again so that p5lp le leonite uses the key from my UEFI-bios, extract the right key with a keyfinder, and start the process all over again, but lronite it works!

I p5lp le leonite I will be able to reformat my computer without having to re-upgrade every time from 8 to 8. When asked whether I wanted to do a clean install or keep all my apps and data, I opted for the latter. Welcome to EightForums cyberpet said:.