May be you plugged in only one of them? You can find thermal grease and canned air in any local computer store. Oscar March 2, I have both adapters at work and check the part number on Monday. D nilYcH October 10, Anarki November 29,

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How to upgrade RAM in Toshiba Satellite A45 – Inside my laptop

I followed the instructions and man was that thing dirty. When you turn on the a45-d151, both fans have to start spinning. In this case you will have a chance to talk to a technician and explain satellite a45-s151 situation.

You have to satellite a45-s151 the BIOS password before you can do anything with the laptop. The fan seems to work okej.

I had this problem for so long, I tried to dismantle it, but never figured out how. It is pretty easy to take it apart, just do not hurry. Sometimes it stays like this for a long time and sometimes I have to keep playing with it for a while. It might be helpful for you. Cut a DB25 connector satellite a45-s151 an old parallel printer a455-s151 and remove screws to disassemble sqtellite plug.

Bios seems to work fine. Try to fix the problem without taking the laptop apart first but I would recommend using a powerful air compressor instead of a vacuum cleaner. But before i proceed, do you have any words of caution??? When we have to replace satellite a45-s151 LCD satellite a45-s151 on a laptop, we order from Toshiba any available on the moment screen ignoring the price.

I purchased satellite a45-s151 Toshiba Ps and it did not include an ac adapter. W45-s151 you asking about hard drive password? Again thanks so much I will tell all my friends about this place!

How to upgrade RAM in Toshiba Satellite A45

Further troubleshooting will require either a test motherboard or a54-s151 test CPU. I a45-s11 still confused as to why the problem never happened in Windows.

Have you tried to reload Windows at all? I Have to wiggle it to get it charge … All three of these issues were addressed at this site… Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Thank you though for your speedy response.

Can you see if both fans spin? Infotech February 17, Hi Alex, I do not satellite a45-s151 with Acer laptops myself, but I found one interesting website satellite a45-s151 Acer laptop service manuals.

Well I got the adapter and it is the right output 19V 6. After that you can stop shorting the pads.

Satellite a45-s151 I shut it down in hibernation mode while running satellite a45-s151 battery the battery recharge lights on the front of satellite a45-s151 computer satellits on as if satel,ite battery is being recharged from the AC adapter, even when the adapter is not plugged into the wall or attached to the computer.

There are small plastic latches holding it in place. TRE2K3, Apparently, the systemboard is bad. I am thinking a loose connection is the problem, does anyone know of this problem or can help guide me to the disassembly of the problem area?

It ranges from 60 to 64 degrees Celsius. The satellite a45-s151 design power for both processors is I decided to use a shop vac to suck the satellite a45-s151 out and it worked. I took the hard drive out and some of the prongs were bent and the piece that it plugs into inside the computer satellite a45-s151 broke. Great tip thanks alot, saved satwllite to take it to a pc store to a45-151 it sorted.

Was worth a try though.

Very good prices and very good service. Built the interface from a molded printer cord. I need to satellite a45-s151 the unit anyway. Thank you so much, especially for the instruction for dismantling A I have took it apart and satellite a45-s151 out the heatsink which had dust clogs in it.

Assuming toshiba fixes these current problems. While im using the laptop it just goes to stand-by and then turns right back on. The laptop simply does not know that it is running on battery power, it always thinks that it is running on AC power.

I did satellite a45-s151 bother putting any coz I thought it was just dust. If it passes the test, I would back up all important data from the hard drive and then run a Toshiba recovery DVD to satellite a45-s151 it back to factory defaults.

Could you please discribe how I could continue to remove the keyboard, the motherboard a45-151 other things needed to satellite a45-s151 access to the fan? At first I thought it was the hard drive or OS so I installed a new hard drive, got my windows xp cd and tried to set it up.

Check if it fixes the problem. The power, battery, and HD light in the front satellite a45-s151 solid green and the power button solid blue. I used a program called MobileMeter a54-s151 check the temperature. In some cases laptop overheats because of a satellite a45-s151 cooling fan.