For some reason, when I connect the DC cable to the actual motherboard there is a drop in the supply voltage. So the DC jack is good. Is it possible to connect Dc volt direct to the poles for the battery. If someone could give us the answer to this problem, it would be greatly appreciated. Oduma, This sounds like a problem with the motherboard. Yes, Sir adapter is working fine, i tested it my friends laptop.

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Thinking I had just been unlucky with a bad specimen, I returned it and got a replacement, same model. Could that have affected it? Does somy shown the image when the laptop turned on?

So i found the fuse, but it is ok… sont tester sounds when i test it. When it finally starts, everything is fine. Both memory modules can be accessed from the door on the bottom. Tried removing the battery and running on adapter alone: I did as you suggested.

I will be very graetful if you can help me, while sony vaio vgn – bx760 your knollage, God bless. On the plugin where the charger plugs into, i get So every time, I have to remove the battery in order to get rid of the charging light being on. As you see on the first picture, in my example the power adapter plugs into the DC-IN power jack which is sony vaio vgn – bx760 to the motherboard via a harness.

It seemed to charge like normal for 10 minutes then the charging led started to blink.

Model selection

Have you had a case like this? This note is to Charles Saunders. Maybe the adapter is not working properly when loaded. If there is no ventillation inside the plastic enclosure, this two semi-conductors will suffer and the mother board will be affected.

Hi, I have a sony TZN dropped on the floor which does not power on anymore. Pls my laptop hp dv cable of the screen from the power button bx706 and smoke came out, since then the screen is not showing, it will just show blank white. This is only for experienced people, who know how to disassemble laptops.

This is my 3rd board! If the AC adapter rated Plugging sony vaio vgn – bx760 the laptop once again, everything looked fine — for about 2 days, when the new power supply also died.

Laptop does not start. Is it bad power jack or motherboard? – Inside my laptop

My Dell Inspiron m will intermittently not power on. My problem… I have an HP dvcl laptop the bronze one …with the symptoms as described on this posting. Sony vaio vgn – bx760 tried measuring the resistance at the DC in on the laptop as desribed on http: It would overheat aLOT and then finally one day while I was sitting with it on a board on my lap while playing a game, it just went out.

If i connects the adapterthe adapter is goes off. My Hp Dv laptop did sony vaio vgn – bx760 same thing. I see the fans starting up the laptop sonu still opened upI see the lights on the front of the laptop, and the disc drive, blink.

This will help to find out if the jack is good and power goes to the motherboard. Can it be a burned fuse inside of it or something else? I appreciate your help.

Laptop does not start. Is it bad power jack or motherboard?

Vx760 week the date and time kept resetting back to random dates. The original problem that sony vaio vgn – bx760 wasnt charging and the power led and charging led were blinking. Now I sit and wonder if this really could be the problem or if it is the power supply as mentioned in a few other articles above. The problem still continues when I tried to boot the system in next time.

When i press the power button nothing happens. I have tried testing the adaptor with a voltmeter and i get a reading of 15v from it.

My laptop has started working again by it self. Hello, I am having Toshiba Satellite L laptop, few days back i. Try reconnecting memory modules. Still the same Any ideas? I would recommend testing the laptop with another AC adapter.