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This input is used by the drive for motor overheat protection. When installing the replacement cooling fan into the drive, make sure the fan is facing upwards.

OMRON V1000 User Manual

Electrical Installation This chapter explains proper procedures for wiring the control circuit terminals, motor and power supply. Effective in preventing oscillation when there is a fair amount of oscillation or when rigidity is low. In addition, the parameters most likely to be changed are assigned to the list of V1000 manual pdf download Parameters, V1000 manual pdf download through A Installation Orientation And Spacing Figure 2. The ultimate fiber amplifier for maximum ease of use and high performance 37 pages.

Refer to The Drive and Programming Modes on page Stop the drive and check if the correct frequency reference source is selected. Page Option Card Fault port A By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.


Failure to comply could lead to motor winding failure. This test returns a response message with exactly the same content as v1000 manual pdf download command message and can be used to check the communications between the master and slave.

Copy Function Use o3 parameters to Read, Copy and Verify the parameter settings to and from the drive. When parameter A Control Method Selection is changed, some parameter set values are also changed automatically.


The maximum altitude is m. Failure to comply may v1000 manual pdf download in serious injury or death and will cause damage to equipment. Refer to option card manual for detailed installation instructions. Page C Tuning The magnitude of the braking load trips the braking resistor overheat alarm, NOT the surface temperature.

Both values are set as a percentage of 10 V.

The amount of this frequency reduction can be calculated using the following formula V1000 manual pdf download a Run command is input to the drive but the frequency reference entered is 0 or below the minimum frequency, the RUN indicator LED on the digital operator will light and the STOP indicator will flash. Response Data To be sure that manuak data is valid, perform pd CRC calculation on the response message data as described above.

Alarm only will provide an alarm only while continuing to run the motor during abnormal PG fault conditions. Operation with V1000 manual pdf download Magnet Motors Figure 4. Ida Kelvin lol it did not even take me 5 minutes at all!


Do not solder the ends of wire connections to the drive. Carefully review the braking resistor instruction manual when connecting a braking option to the drive. Monitor Parameters v1000 manual pdf download page Failure to comply could result in damage to the drive and will void warranty.

To ensure maximum useful product life, replace dkwnload cooling fans when performing maintenance. Fast-stop Using C Setting 3: Basic Start-up and Motor Tuning Figure 4.

Page Failure to comply could result in death or serious injury. In this case the v1000 manual pdf download value has priority and the setting L is disregarded.

Auto-tuning Example Do not touch the motor until Auto-Tuning has been completed. Manuall 66 Failure to comply could result in damage to the drive and will void warranty.

The drive continues operation. The output opens when the output frequency falls below L minus the hysteresis set in L February 27, Rating: Before servicing, disconnect all power to the equipment. Sets the level used v1000 manual pdf download PID Sleep.

Open Loop Vector Control. Less than 11 kW: Use this procedure to remove the wire jumper between terminals HC, H1, and H2 that is installed at shipping.

It closes when the output frequency falls below L For motors that are to be operated in the field weakening range, first perform the Auto-Tuning with the base data, i. The selected offset values v1000 manual pdf download added if two or all three inputs downnload closed at the same time.