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Although I lost the battle that day, the fault was not mine! Do any of his works contain the experience of being saved from a suicide attempt by a voice or an angel? Below the saints enjoy God in a measure, but here we enjoy Him without measure.

All of our intolerable sufferings shall last to all eternity! I hardly could behold her for the exceeding brightness of her face. For anyone that I could get to ridicule the truths of God, I looked upon as becoming one of my disciples.

For anyone to inquire into these secrets would be visions of heaven and hell by john bunyan pdf download bold bunyaj presumptuous curiosity. Illegally, He sat in a jail cell over a river for 12 years with his Bible, Galatians by Luther, and another book or two. God was too bright for me to look upon as He was exalted on the high throne of His glory, while multitudes of angels and saints sang forth eternal hallelujahs and praises to Him.

It is the glory of this happy place to be forever freed from all that is evil; and without that freedom, our blessedness even here would be imperfect. Where there is love like this, all are filled with delight. In respect to my former life on earth, I have seen the mercifulness of those very afflictions that I once downlad upon earth thought to show His anger.

He talks with “Elijah” and other saints. bunyzn

The more we see Him, the more we love Him; and love changes our souls into His nature, and from this results our glory. If I had been offered salvation, I would never have rejected it as you did. Downllad I saw multitudes of horrible forms and dismal dark appearances which fled from the shining presence of my bright conductor.

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They looked at me as if they scarcely knew me. It was thee that did entice me and ensnare me. But here their warfare is at an end, and ‘death is swallowed up in victory. There is no doubt that He can make as many worlds as He wants, but He has not yet revealed it to us, and it is not our duty to inquire.

It is impossible to tell you the agonies I felt, until I was pushed to jhn edge of desperation.

Visions of Heaven and Hell

Here we have all the sufferings of hell. Why begin a review of Bunyan’s writings with such a view of his doctrine? I wish there were not, for I am sure He will have no mercy on me.

Our nostrils are smothered with sulfurous flames; our tongues visions of heaven and hell by john bunyan pdf download burning blisters; and the hohn body is rolled in flames of liquid fire. The tormented were roaring out with such loud cries that I thought it might have melted even cruelty itself into some pity. He saw how the grand enemy of souls desired your ruin, but He upheld you by His secret power.

Revelation is based on the prophetic themes of the Old Testament and the development of those themes in the Olivet Discourse. But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

But that which makes them the most grievous is that they shall always be forever. Excerpts From “Visions of Heaven and Hell”: Please read the Under Review Guidelines Here. It is not the will of God that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.

Therefore it is called The Throne of the Glory of God, where the radiance of the divine Majesty is revealed ubnyan the most illustrious manner. I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel Also the book gives some unusual names for God not found anywhere in the Word of God. While all visions must be judged by the Bible, these seem ahd scriptural and were used by the Lord to help transform young John into a mighty man of God.

For hwll ocean of happiness is so bottomless that bunuan innumerable company of all visions of heaven and hell by john bunyan pdf download saints and angels never can exhaust it.

Though I was covetous, you were proud. I have more reason to complain, for you had a long time in which repentance was offered anr but I was cast into hell as soon as I had sinned.

I guess the same people ought to call Luther a hyper-Lutheran, for he believed and taught it, too. Just because one labels a site, “christian” does not make it biblical. I will show you things never yet seen by mortal annd, and to that end your eyes shall be strengthened and made able to behold heavenly things.

It also, provides a quick refresher for seminar-ians, study groups, and laity.

visions from heaven

Visions of Heaven and Hell. The Bible does not say whether the devils had a chance to repent or not. I am sent from Him Whose being you have so lately denied, to stop you visions of heaven and hell by john bunyan pdf download falling into eternal ruin.

Man can conceive that every stone on earth shall be turned into pearls, and every blade of grass into the brightest of shining jewels.

That roaring lion who roams back and forth throughout the earth seeking whom he may devour, in respect to the saints in heaven, is bound fast in everlasting chains. And since I cannot fight against the Thunderer, I will make the utmost of my anger to fall on them. I am sent from Him Whose being you have so lately denied, to stop you from falling into eternal ruin.

But it is also folly and madness in men to refuse the offers of His grace, and to choose to side with the destroyer. There is no special treatment. At the resurrection day, when they shall be raised up again, they shall then be immortal. What you ask them about, they will answer.

You have no reason to complain of anything but your own folly, which you now see too late.