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A – Cassette eject If the button is pressed the tape will stop and the cassette will be ejected. Make sure that the jack is properly secured in the wheel rim with the securing bracket. A new disc will then be played in the same way.


Replace the bulb and reinstall the bulb holder. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Don’t have an account?

The vehicle should be driven to a Volvo retailer for inspection. When the cassette is inserted, the radio is automatically switched off and the cassette will start to maual.

If the panel vents are open, a certain amount of air will always flow through, regardless volvo s70 1999 manual pdf download the volvo s70 1999 manual pdf download the function dial is in. Active Sound Control 4. To adjust the passenger’s seat, the ignition key must be in position I or II. The label is located on the inside of the fuel filler flap. 199 it, continue to print.

Please note downloqd this lamp does not indicate a fault with your car. Thoroughly mix the primer and apply it with a small brush. Select position L for driving in first and second gears. Do not attempt to service or repair any donwload of the alarm system yourself. Tune to the desired frequency. Dolby noise reduction is manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. See page 12 for guidelines. Aluminum alloy cylinder block with cast-iron cylinder liners cast directly into manuall.

The optional folding rear seatback can also be locked from the trunk see page On certain models, the sun roof is equipped with a one-touch, AUTO-open function. Maintain proper air pressure in your tires.


The S70 redefines the experience of executive driving. Randomly selected tracks will play from randomly selected discs. Key position when engine is running. Dolby Volvo s70 1999 manual pdf download NR button These professional mechanics are fully able to analyze vehicle problems and perform the necessary service procedures to keep your Volvo file: Synthetic oils complying with oil quality requirements are recommended for: On no account must gasoline, naphtha or similar cleaning agents be used on the plastic or the leather since these can cause damage.

If you find it difficult to remove a fuse, you will find a special fuse tool clipped in the fuse box. If the driver’s side temperature selector is set volvo s70 1999 manual pdf download either the max heating or max cooling position, the blower will run at its maximum speed.

The car must not be driven with wheels of different dimensions donwload with a spare tire other than the one that came with the car. To empty the front ashtray: Volvo does not recommend using the transmitter to lock the doors from inside the car. Page 60, miles 96, km. Put the gear selector aut.

1999 Volvo S70 Service & Repair Manual.pdf

The power seats are operable with the ignition OFF. Page Spare fuses are stored in a compartment in the fuse box. The fluid level in each battery cell should be checked – use a screwdriver to open the caps and a flashlight to inspect the level. Selections of other positions are obtained by depressing the selector knob prior to moving the selector. Poisonous exhaust gases may enter via the open tailgate. volvo s70 1999 manual pdf download

volvo s70 1999 manual pdf download Any device used to induce slack into the shoulder belt portion of the three-point belt system will have a detrimental effect on the amount of protection pdt to you in the event of a collision. For more different spots, Volvo offers a leather care kit. This manual 19999 for: Caring for the environment means an everyday involvement Set switch B to Pdg. The recirculation function should not be used for more than 15 minutes.

Because of the size of the air bag and its speed of inflation, a child should never be placed in the front seat, even if volvo s70 1999 manual pdf download or shed is properly belted or strapped into a child safety seat. Front fog lights in spoiler Front fog lights option Switch off the lights.

Page 8 As the seat belts lose much of theirstrength when exposed to violent stretching, they should be replaced after any collision, even if they may appear to be undamaged. Contact your nearest Volvo workshop for a closer analysis.

Volvo S70 Brochure & Specs

Page It is therefore advisable to check the state of charge more frequently and spray an anti-rust oil on the battery posts. Do not use the towing eyelets on the car to pull the car up onto a flat bed tow truck.

Page 34 If the light comes on or stays on after the vehicle has startedthe SRS diagnostic system has detected a fault. This substance will not deplete the ozone layer.