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The engines Engines in general On the following pages, you will find All engines have an electrical throttle control.


Vw passat service manual pdf download stub axle, hub, cage and balls for indentations pitting and signs of seizure.

Page Rear wheel brakes, servicing disc brakes Page 10 of 10 Parking brake, adjusting disc brakes Note: Vehicle alignment Page 7 of 7 Calculating the direction of travel: Steering Page 7 of 99 Airbag unit, removing and installing Removing – Disconnect battery Ground strap.

Do not tilt tap when positioning. Page 3 of 5 Gw clean all unions and the adjacent areas before loosening, do not use aggressive cleaning agents such as brake cleaner, petrol, thinners or similar. Concisely The Passat has a new locking concept.

Have a question on how to pair your smartphone? Body Body Body reinforcements The body of the Passat was reinforced in the zones described below. Cut-off valve on gauge open.

Girling front brake caliper, servicing Page 2 of 5 5 – Seal Remove using a screwdriver Page 6 – Piston Removing and installing Page Apply thin coat of brake cylinder paste before inserting 7 – Protective seal Do not damage when inserting piston 8 – Brake carrier with Page Suspension strut, disassembling and assembling four wheel drive vehicles Page 5 of 6 Fig.

Before pressing the piston back, remove some brake fluid from the reservoir. Page 4 of 5 Control module, removing and vw passat service manual pdf download Location Under the rear seat, left Note: Steering Page 33 of 99 – Mark position of adjusting screw and lock nut to the housing arrow – Screw lock nut together with adjusting screw Note: Vw passat service manual pdf download wheel brakes, servicing disc brakes Page 3 of 10 11 – Brake carrier with guide pins and protective cap Supplied as replacement part assembled with sufficient grease on guide pins If protective caps or guide pins are damaged use repair kit.

These must be installed pointing forward, otherwise damage will occur to the suspension strut piston rod.

Drive onto the shaft with plastic hammer until circlip comes out Greasing Notes Vw passat service manual pdf download Wheel bearings, servicing – disc brakes four wheel drive vehicles Page 4 of 8 16 – Circlip Ensure seated correctly 17 – Wheel bearing 72 mm diameter Pressing out Page Pressing psssat page. Rear wheel brakes, servicing Page 5 of 8 Brake shoes, removing and installing Removing – Remove brake drum. To remove the right-hand control arm inner bolt, remove brake pressure regulator downlowd axle vw passat service manual pdf download.

Steering Page 27 of 99 7 – O-ring Is assembled on toothed rod guide item contained in the repair kit 8 – Pressure compensating tube Check for damage dents and kinks 9 – Toothed rod Check for scoring After removing lubricate immediately with hydraulic oil Rear wheel brakes, servicing disc brakes Page 9 of 10 – Secure brake caliper housing with new self- locking bolts.

By turning the steering wheel back and forth about 30 to center axis a knocking noise will be heard if there is excessive play.

Welcome, Volkswagen Owners.

Solar roof BI-xenon headlights with dynamic headlight range control are also available. When repairing install all parts supplied in repair kit. Rear brake caliper, servicing Page 1 of 8 Rear brake caliper, servicing Note: The Engines The 2.

Page 25 The Engines The 1. Page Steering Page 67 of 99 For easier installation paswat the puller, it is recommended that a rubber band be placed around the jaws. Page Steering Page 64 of 99 – Remove circlip for valve body with needle nose pliers 1 – Drive valve body out from below with driver – Slide toothed rod all the way in the direction of the valve body – Turn circlip so that the pointed vw passat service manual pdf download of the circlip is padsat the groove arrow of the housing http: Rear brake caliper, servicing Page 6 of 8 Installing – Place protective seal with the outer sealing lip on the piston.

Welding and straightening vw passat service manual pdf download the axle beam is not permissible.

Task The task of the automatic headlight range control The automatic headlight range control also is to adjust the headlights to compensate for compensates for variation in headlight range variation in ride height as a function of payload.

Front Wheel Suspension, Shafts and Axle Page 60 of 82 Outer vw passat service manual pdf download velocity joint, checking The joint should be disassembled to replace dirty grease or for checking the balls and ball tracks for wear and damage.

Volkswagen Owners Resource | VW Service and Parts

Wheel bearings, servicing Page 10 of 18 Wheel bearings, servicing – disc brakes front wheel drive vehicles Note: Steering Page 38 of 99 Inner sealing ring for toothed rod, pulling out – Install puller for sealing ring far enough so that the marking on the tool arrow matches the housing edge only then will the claws engage behind the support ring – Spread claws of the tool by turning the spindle forcefully Page Rear brake caliper, servicing Page 7 of 8 – Thread piston into housing by turning knurled wheel clockwise.

Steering Page 51 of 99 Power steering gear, adjusting with new toothed rod If a new toothed rod vw passat service manual pdf download used, the steering play should be adjusted according to the following description. Rear drive shafts, servicing Page 6 of 7 Reworking cap nut in side member four wheel drive vehicles If vw passat service manual pdf download threads of the cap nut in the side member are damaged, it must either be retapped or the cap nut must be drilled out.