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The following menus are included in all main menus: Page Alphabetical index Vanity mirror Xc70 manual pdf download the message remains when the engine is restarted, drive to an authorised Volvo workshop. Release the parking brake by depressing the button at the end of the lever and lowering the lever completely.

Volvo Car Corporation dis- xc70 manual pdf download all warranty liability if engine oil of the prescribed grade and viscosity is not used. Press the front part of the button as far down as possible and release it immediately.

These bulbs may be difficult for you to replace yourself. Always place the gear selector in Park and apply the parking brake before leaving the vehicle. Some jurisdictions prohibit cellular telephone use by a driver while the vehicle is moving.

Volvo V70 Service Repair Manual – Volvo V70 PDF Downloads

Comprehensive instructions are included. This could be due to: When driving on winter tyres, the correct tyres must be fitted to all four wheels. Page Audio functions Centre console, controls for audio functions Internal audio sources: The indicator window must show red. For information on decal location, see page This product will play in a virtual version of Windows via VirtualBox free. Comfort, Sport and Advanced. The system must be deactivated when reversing with a trailer, or bike carrier on xc70 manual pdf download towbar or similar.

Press the catch until the red mark is visible. If the clutch is not depressed, it will not be possible to start xc70 manual pdf download engine. The rea- son for the loss of brake fluid must be inves- tigated by an authorised Volvo workshop. For safety reasons, the grille must always be mounted and secured correctly. Tire Rotation Volvo recommends rotating the tires every 7, miles 12, xc70 manual pdf download.

The system version is shown in the display when the audio system is started. Serv- BLIS not functioning.

Volvo XC70 Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

In situations that demand sudden braking you must brake yourself. Page 82 VOLVO XC70 Electrically operated front seats option From the time the driver’s door is unlocked, the driver’s seat can be adjusted with the ignition off during a 10 minute period, if the door remains opened. NOTE An expended battery must pdv recycled in an environmentally safe manner, as it contains lead. Page 43 Xc70 manual pdf download the light comes xc70 manual pdf download or stays on after the vehicle has startedthe SRS diagnostic system has detected a fault.

The audio signal for obsta- cles in front comes from the front loud- speaker. The doors and the tailgate xc70 manual pdf download locked. The cup holder and the cover open together.

The auxiliary seat is not designed to carry or restrain cargo. Using load carriers To avoid damaging the pdg and for maximum possible safety while driving, the load carri- ers designed by Volvo are recommended. Page 95 This partition can help prevent objects xc70 manual pdf download the cargo downloax from being thrown forward when the center section of the backrest is not in the upright position.

SAE 0W Engine variant 2.

Message Specification Time for regular Time for regular ,anual maintenance at an authorised Volvo workshop. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Volvo XC70 Workshop Manual

Press the center section backrest catch to the rear and tip the backrest forward. The light in the button indicates that the function is zc70.

E5 Britax Baby Down,oad Plus — The Air quality sensor is now activated. Volvo XC70 Owner’s Manual pages. Page the display. This could compromise the intended pro- tection. This could result in personal injury or the car not functioning as normal. Avoid touching the glass on the bulb with your fingers. More frequent vehicle maintenance is required.

Combined instrument panel Information display and controls for menus READ — access to message list and mes- sage xc70 manual pdf download.

The pxf system operates at very high voltages.

Page 70 Lowering the rear seat backrest The triple-section rear seat backrest can be folded in different ways in order to facilitate loading long objects. Pull out the red tab in the speaker.